Chatham kent essex windsor big brothers bike draw

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Chatham kent essex windsor big brothers bike draw

Jan Zumbach and Squadron Leader Tadeusz Kawalecki, spent the final month of the war as prisoners of war.

Franek relates - They were arrested by what looked like Yugo troops, and taken to Arnhem, and then sent to a Po W camp.

Twilight was coming already and the smoke from those buildings burning down, and excessive alcohol was giving them only “troubled vision”.

Suddenly, they discovered a mysterious rising in the landscape.

The raid led to a quick end to the war and a favourable peace for the Dutch.

It was the worst defeat in the Royal Navy's history!

The next year, in 1667, the Dutch under command of De Ruyter executed a retaliatory expedition, and dealt the English navy a heavy blow at the Raid on the Medway (also known as the Battle of Chatham), in effect ending the Second Anglo-Dutch War.

The Raid on the Medway, was a successful Dutch attack on the largest English naval ships, laid up in the dockyards of their main naval base Chatham, that took place in June 1667 during the Second Anglo-Dutch War.

These men, including the policeman, were all POWs in the last months of the war, and brought to Terschelling by the Germans, because the "road to Germany" was already closed by the Allied forces, due to the progress of their actions in Northeast Holland (March - April 1945).

In fact, all the buildings in West Terschelling were burned down, except the church and the lighthouse "Brandaris".

Alas, in later times that broke down also and that very old church was replaced by a new one. (On many houses in the village, you find that year marked indeed, via the wall anchors).

In the camp there was a French pilot, Fernand Fuchs, who later was promoted to Colonel and also was a French attache in India, a Dutch police officer detained for providing help to allied airmen, two US bomber crews and two Canadian pilots.

There was also a British Signals General, accidentally captured with his driver in his Jeep, who was taken to another, more distinguished place.

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Chatham near London in 1667 - Perhaps burning Terschelling was not such a good idea Holmes!

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