Christian parents and dating im dating much younger woman

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Christian parents and dating

My advice is to stick to the first option, as hard as that might sound. The Bible promises that you’ll please God and life will go better for you if you obey your parents, even if ( Having God’s blessing on your life is way, way, WAY better and more satisfying than the temporary pleasure of a boyfriend.

perfect, if you’d have to go against your parents to date him, then he’s not God’s “perfect” plan for you right now.

If you care about teenagers, as parents and youth workers do, you want to help them navigate and work through the strange world of dating.

So when it comes to dating many of us want to know what does the Bible says so that we can pass it on to teenagers.

We want them to obey God’s Word in all areas of their lives, especially when it comes to dating relationships.

Having already received his Masters of Divinity and Masters of Theology from SEBTS, he is currently working on his Doctorate in Education.

God’s blessings will make your heart rich and won’t have a bitter aftertaste like sin does.

So even though you may never agree with your parents’ rules, I hope you realize that they do love you.

On the bright side, as extreme as your parents’ no-dating rule sounds, it will most definitely save you a lot of heartache! There were times when my parents said “no” to things that I thought were just fine, and it caused a lot of tension in our relationship. So my advice is to try your best to trust that God is using their decision to protect you, strengthen you, and grow you into the young woman He wants you to be. —with so many girls who are emotionally scarred because of bad relationships in high school, “being different” might not be such a terrible thing after all. —maybe as they see you make wise decisions in the years ahead, they’ll invite you to have some input in their dating rules.

Unlike your friends, you’ll have no regrets, no broken heart when that high school relationship ends, no drama from having classes with your ex, and no shame from physical sin. (Im)perfect, you’ll be older and have a much better chance of making the relationship work long-term. Will your path look different from the girls around you? Have your parents asked you to wait when it comes to dating?

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As someone who works with teenagers I have seen almost everything when it comes to teens and dating.

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