Consolidating post offices

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Consolidating post offices

The door is quickly closing, Nixon said, to get the Florence Processing and Distribution Center back.He said once teh USPS finishes Phase 2 in January, it will be really hard to get it back.“We need help from local politicians, but more importantly we need help from the community to come out and talk about their issues,” he said.

Gerl Mc Kinney, Vice President of Paducah’s American Postal Workers Union has since retired from the Postal Service business, but knows how much time workers have dedicated to the post office.

“It’s because they (forefathers) didn’t want to rely on private entrepreneurs for a post office. Prompt, safe and reliable delivery is that’s important.

They wanted it guaranteed and a right of citizenship. It’s a government function.”The United Postal Service consolidated more than 140 processing facilities nationwide from 2012 to 2013 in an effort to cut costs.

If the goal was to correct some of the problems internally, they haven’t done that either. On one occasion, it took a payment for a client from an insurance adjuster 17 days to get to Florence from Myrtle Beach.

I don’t know how it could have gotten worse.”Wukela said there was a time several years ago when he could go pick up his business mail at a.m., sift through it and open the doors at 9 a.m.. That same day he said he received 81 pieces of mail that had been postmarked over a two-week period.“Efficiency is when you know if you put something in the mail, it will get to where it’s going,” Wukela said.

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Another issue the APWU is taking on is the privatization of the mail.

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