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Simcoe originally planned for York to be a city and military outpost and to set up a capital in the area of London, Ontario, but he abandoned the plan and York was named the permanent capital in 1796.

Under the policy of the time, the British recognized aboriginal title to the land and Dorchester arranged to purchase the lands from the Mississaugas.In the 21st Century, Toronto has integrated the core and the suburbs under one government, although many bylaws enacted by the former municipalities remain in effect.A division has persisted between the interests of those who live in the former suburbs and those of the central core.Upper Canada forces defeated the rebels, and Mackenzie and others fled to the United States.Peace again returned to Toronto and the city steadily grew during the 19th century, a major port of distribution as Upper Canada was settled.

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Tensions between the British and Americans persisted and war broke out in 1812.

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