Mutually validating are internet dating sites safe

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You can use an expression to perform calculations, manipulate characters, or test data. For example, an expression can check for one of a series of values, such as "Tokyo" Or "Moscow" Or "Paris" Or "Helsinki".Expressions can also perform mathematical operations. For example, the expression You can add a field validation rule and/or a record validation rule.

The most important part of working with mutually exclusive fields is ensuring that only one of the fields is filled in.

To add validation rules to a form, you open the form in Layout view and add rules to the properties of individual controls.

The steps in the section Add a validation rule to a table explain how to add validation rules to table fields.

This article explains how to use validation rules and validation text in table fields and form controls.

A validation rule is one way to restrict input in a table field or a control (such as a text box) on a form.

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Validation text lets you provide a message to help users who input data that is not valid.

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