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Persona 3 fes dating yukari

She was willing to disagree with her friends over what’s really right for her own selfish desires.

Yukari also felt no one really understood her feelings.

Though, honestly, it seems she wanted to be in control.

Yukari wanted him all for herself and didn’t care what the others thought.

I’m going to be blunt: Yukari acted like a complete bitch.

I understood the reason why she acted the way she did.

After the events of P3, Yukari decides to leave SEES, but gets dragged back into it when a crazy incident occurs involving another female protagonist, Aigis.

She stated that she made a promise to the MC that she would change the world for him.What makes her interesting to me is her character development in “The Answer” (a followup story in P3: FES).She went from headstrong to immature in the swift of an eye.After the MC dies, Yukari seems to believe that he was the right guy for her and that she’ll never find another guy like him again.It’s as if she lost hope in terms of dating someone, when there are plenty of other fish in the sea.

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Yukari exhibited multiple mood swings and it was revealed that she was jealous of Aigis for staying with the Main Character of P3 during his final moments.