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Private chat cyber

It requires registration(and the ability to speak a few foreign languages! PROS: Lots of girls CONS: Requires registration ; and if you can't speak a foreign language, you'll have to pretend to be learning one.Private webcam conversations are limited to about 20 a day.Cyber Dust will probably work for those who have specific use cases in mind, ranging from business negotiations to NSFW conversations better left off the record.But you'll have to convince your friends and colleagues to start using it, first.CAM 2 CAM CHATROOMS DESCRIPTION: This one is absolute gold!It is actually a full blown, paying, adult dating site which requires you to register, but the webcam chat rooms are completely free.

Bear in mind you will still need to be fairly persuasive with the girls you will meet on these...CONS: requires you to register and install a client ; extremely steep learning curve ; no webcam feature so you will have to bounce the girls to your messenger ; most of the women seem to be bored housewifes, so they're not always much to look at!Livemocha DESCRIPTION: Livemocha is actually a language learning site with a webcam option.Chat for Free DESCRIPTION: Very busy traditional webcam chatrooms PROS: Lots of girls CONS: You are competing in public chat with a lot of other guys ; can be hard to get the girls to private chat Chatroulette DESCRIPTION: The original!Connects you automatically and randomly to other users.

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Too often I prefer to reference a past conversation or check an address that a friend sent me.

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