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Steam volidating rejected

Local index partitions that correspond to the data partition or subpartition being loaded are maintained by SQL*Loader.Global indexes are not maintained on single partition or subpartition direct path loads.See Using Data Saves to Protect Against Data Loss for information about adjusting the upper boundary.constraint is not rejected (the record is not available in memory when the constraint violation is detected).If load speed is most important to you, you should use direct path load because it is faster than conventional path load.However, certain restrictions on direct path loads may require you to use a conventional path load.

If there was no commit point, then the entire load is rolled back.This ensures that no data encountered after the space error is written out to a different partition.You can use the When loading a single partition of a partitioned or subpartitioned table, SQL*Loader partitions the rows and rejects any rows that do not map to the partition or subpartition specified in the SQL*Loader control file.This means that NLS parameters in the initialization parameter file (server-side language handle) will not be used.To override this behavior, you can specify a format mask in the SQL*Loader control file that is equivalent to the setting of the NLS parameter in the initialization parameter file, or set the appropriate environment variable.

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A direct load does not compete with other users for database resources, so it can usually load data at near disk speed.

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